Wynden hill farm llc


We are a Michigan dressage facility dedicated to developing skilled riders and correctly trained horses.  Our philosophy is that a correctly trained horse and rider can transcend across disciplines and be successful.  We believe in the power of learning that isn’t hindered by the stigma of breed or lack of rider skill.  Learning, and success, is only hindered by the lack of desire.

Our client list includes:

    Horse and riders focusing on dressage from Intro level to FEI, any age, skill level or breed.

    Arabian and Half-Arabian Sporthorses.

    Event riders improving their flat work and dressage scores.

    Hunter/Jumpers improving their flat work for better form over fences.

    Multi-breed horses and multi-discipline riders improving their horse’s overall way of going,

             whether for the show ring or the trail.

We are conveniently located halfway between Lansing and Jackson along the US 127 corridor.  Please contact us at:

                            Wynden Hill Farm LLC

                            12420 Churchill Road

                            Rives Junction, MI  49277

                            517 - 416 - 8057